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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Same old, same old

Weather refuses to give us a break as we enter the last week of October. A time when we should be finished harvest and preparing for winter. The figures I am hearing say anywhere from 60 to 75% or our crops are harvested. Thats about right for my acres. In two out of the last ten years I have harvested into November. It can happen but the odds are against it.
Remembering the late harvest of 69 when my Dad sat out into the early hours of November 11 morning on an open 542 Cockshutt combine in below freezing temperatures to finish the harvest after an October similar to the one we are enduring now.
In this photo (not winter) you can see just how little protection from the elements there was on that machine. At least today, if we can ever get back in the field it will be in the comfort of an all weather heated cab.

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