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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The 53 Arrives

Well I am tired but happy. Hard work worrying. Ever since I started dealing on this Merc a week ago I have been obsessing over how I can't believe my luck and its too good to be true. And will it ever make it to my yard safe. It all worked out with only minor complications.

And a big shout out to Baillie Boys Towing for going the extra mile and delivering this old beauty all the way safe.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sunset Pics and Getting Stuck

Stuck in the ditch in the snow again. Same truck, same driveway almost a year apart. Last year trying to fly the new drone and drive the truck backwards on a narrow driveway. Big surprise when I slid into the ditch. This time I just mis-judged the edge of the driveway on a slight curve. No drone involved this time. I didn't have to walk a mile this time either. Never did get the sunset pictures so I had to settle for some video shot while driving the tractor.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Drone Flight on Gopro December 6

The sun was shining out of a clear blue sky on the snow so I figured take a short flight with the drone for some pictures and video. It was only about +8F but as long as I was out of the wind it was not too bad. Thumbs were getting pretty cold by the time I brought the drone down but otherwise everything worked well. The cattle still don't like it. They start heading out soon as they hear the buzz of the propellers.
Like most movies, this took a whole lot longer to edit and upload than it did to shoot. The internet was so slow yesterday evening that after an hour the video was only at 1% uploaded to youtube so I gave up on it. This evening speed was back to normal.

Monday, December 4, 2017

One Thing Leads to Another

Brake problems on the Blazer. I knew the front rotors were needing work. Pulsating brake pedals are never a good sign. But lately the rear brakes didn't seem to be doing much at all. So off with a wheel to inspect and I think it needs new wheel cylinders. In the process of cleaning up the accumulated dried mud from the past 20 years I discovered the gas tank was leaking. All that dried mud had  been slowing it down but once cleaned up it definitely did show leakage. It was quite a job getting the tank drained down to the point it did not leak any more. I think (hope) it still has enough in the tank to make it to the repair shop. Tank replacement is not a job I want to tackle in the winter time. Or the summer either really.
Naturally I recorded some of the highlights mostly for my own future reference.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Baling Oat Straw with the 847 September

I'm catching up on various videos I had saved on my I phone and editing them into something. I included a bit of recent drone video showing our early snow. Its certainly not my first baling video on youtube but it is the latest. Theres more to come but I'll try to space them out. I see my channel is approaching the 1000 subscriber mark. I sometimes wonder how much money I am missing out on by not monetizing my youtube videos.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Old Rusty Iron

I didn't want to post this on the Ford Barn forum or facebook where the experts will smile, laugh or ridicule my crude efforts at rust repair. But here I will just post it for my own reference.
That old 52 Merc looks good from a distance but, up close, it has some major rust damage. I'm talking holes you could put your hands through. I'm hoping to improve on that a bit with some patching. My 40+ year old Smith Roles arc welder is great for heavy metal but its very hard to make a decent weld on light steel like old car fenders, without burning right through it.
I've been researching different welders from the infinite wealth of knowledge on the net. Conclusion seems to be that the little low amp ac stick welders are a waste of money even as cheap as they are. Cheaper Mig welders might work for a while but likely won't be a good investment for long term use. Good mig welders are a LOT of money and more than I want to spend right now just to repair some rusty car body parts.
So I started out today with something very simple (I thought). Removing a rusted out support between the fender and radiator. Fabricating a replacement out of heavier metal and getting it fastened in place actually went well (for me). The heavier metal is easier to weld without burning through yet still light enough to bend into the shape I need.
Its far from "show quality" but it will be strong and with a little black paint should be fine.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Out In The Snow With The John Deere

We don't have a lot of snow yet and days like yesterday are really taking away what we have. Record high temps in parts of Sask. I think it hit near 40 degrees here. Too warm really as I am getting acclimatized to the cold by now and ready for a few months of snow and cold.
Being a warm day I decided to take the new (to me) John Deere out for some work and get the winter diesel mixed into the system. Tried it out picking up a hay bale for the cattle. It worked but without the hay spear on the loader I had to secure the bale in the bucket with a cable winch. The wet snow proved a bit of a challenge driving up the hill with the hay bale but nothing I didn't expect. Cold dry snow is a lot easier to get around on than this wet stuff.
Anyway, the JD passed the test and will be a good back up tractor to handle hay or snow this winter if the old Massey happens to break down.
Had to record some video just because. Take a look if you want to see me and my cattle and machinery at work and at home.