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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Test Run

Today I finally took a test run with the new (to me) JD 7721 pull type combine that I bought to combine flax with. After fighting for ten years with the Case IH axial flow combine I finally admitted defeat when it came to combining flax . Pull type combines sell cheap now and I figured its rare to find one in this good condition.
I hadn't planned to try it today but after an inauspicious start with the Massey swather involving plugged cutterbars and much wasted time and energy I decided to give the combine a try just to see how it worked on the flax swaths. Smooth and steady are the words that come to mind. The big fluffy swaths just rolled in the feeder and right through the machine without a complaint or hesitation. At one point the big wheels did sink a bit in a muddy spot but the 7130 Magnum up front just kept on pulling steady at 2.8 mph with no hesitation. Just as I suspected, the green weeds in the sample were causing the moisture to test just a point higher than I liked. So I went back to the old IH self propelled swather and swathed a bit more flax before the sun dropped below the horizon and shut me down for the day. Flax is hard to cut at the best of times and when it gets a little dampness from the evening air, its time to quit before expensive parts start breaking.
I'm actually more concerned about wind than rain now. Those big fluffy swaths could start to move if the wind gets wild. 30% chance of showers for Monday. Maybe I should thresh some tomorrow and put it into aeration bins just in case the weather changes?


  1. Hi Ralph. Looks like your 7721 is in really nice shape. What issues did the flax cause with the Axial-Flow? I'm assuming the 7721 works better because it's a straw walker machine, is that correct?

  2. I always hate to see a guy have to spend more money, but the JD looks good and pparently works just as well. Looks like you got a winner!

  3. Ralph, somehow I was thinking of you using a pre-rotary international combine because the rotor didn't work in flax. There are some of those around that are in good condition, but they might be older than what we use. I understand what is going on now.
    I would be more supportive if that was a pull-type White instead of a John Deere but I am a bit racist.

  4. Guys, after this afternoon's work in the field I can say this John Deere is a real treat to operate after ten years of torture trying to do flax with the Case IH axial flow. Flax wrapping on the rock trap beater would completely incapacitate the CIH and I'd spend more time cutting and unwinding straw than I did actually combining.
    With this JD I just sit in the tractor and watch the swath coming in, power shift up or down as the swath size dictates. No complaints from the combine, its just a flax eating giant and I think its going to be a pleasure combining flax now rather than the horrible ordeal it used to be.