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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2090 plowing

Snowmageddon,well thats what they are calling it down east anyway. And the news footage from the last few days does look pretty impressive. Long lines of traffic stalled on the highways in deep snow and people stranded in their vehicles for up to 24 hours. You wouldn't think this could happen in Canada where we are used to this kind of weather.
Not so bad here in Sask. where we received more snow on top of the above normal amount we already had.
It the link works you can watch a short video I shot while plowing snow today. Farmers love to plow, be it soil in the summer or snow in the winter. Theres something satisfying about watching the snow roll off the angled blade up front of the 2090 Case, almost like soil turning over behind the blades of a tillage implement.
Its getting really deep in the fields for the time of year. The oddest thing is that the ground under the snow is not frozen, something I don't ever recall seeing at this time of year. Normally that ground is frozen solid and will support whatever weight we put on it. Today I was breaking through the surface in places and saw mud under the snow.
Maybe there is something to this global warming/climate change talk.
Its certainly a change from this photo I took back in February of 1971. The municipal graders had pushed through with the v plow up front and a wing on the back to angle back the huge ridges of snow. That 39 Ford stood pretty tall but there were places you could not see over the snow ridges when sitting in the drivers seat. Yes, winters were tough when I was a kid....


  1. Global climate change. It is all that fossil fuel I've been pouring through that Hercules diesel and that 585 cu inch MM.
    Nice ford. Still have it parked out back? Next to the gooseberries?

  2. Budde it probably won't surprise you to learn that , yes, I do still have the 39. Safely stored under cover. I still have most of the things I had in 71 except for my hair and my youthful enthusiasm.

  3. If they still made cars like that, I'd buy one tomorrow. Then again, that kind of workmanship would probably cost $100,000!