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Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1 Canada Day

I'm old enough to remember when July 1 was still called "Dominion Day".
I spent it as I often do, working a field of summerfallow. Hadn't noticed how striking the big white clouds in the blue sky were until I put this picture on screen. I'd likely been too busy watching the grass and trees to see how much they were moving. Trying to judge if the wind was dropping enough for me to go to work on the job I really needed to do, spraying flax for weeds. Between high wind, high humidity and threatening clouds I have had no luck spraying for days now. I don't recall ever spraying for weeds this late but thats the kind of year its been, everything just a little late.

I did get an early start on haying, cutting some with the swather this week. Its faster than using the old 7 foot mower but the big swaths usually take a long time to dry and need turning with the rake to speed up the process. I really need a hay conditioner but hesitate to spend the money on my small "hobby" herd of cattle. I turned the swaths this afternoon. That usually brings on the rain.

We have had a bit of a break in the rainy weather and fields are drying up. Roads slowly improving and getting repaired although a few trips through with the gravel trucks soon rut them up again. Not sure how I am going to get the grain out of one farm as both trails are under water last time I checked. I really don't want to have to try and pull a loaded semi of grain out of the mud. I'm sure the trucker doesn't either.

Last night there was a bright display of northern lights (aurora borealis), the first I have seen in a long time.


  1. I guess the trials and tribulations of a farmer never end.

  2. What about a conditioner header for your swather? I know they used to be quite inexpensive for old Hesstons. But, perhaps all the big timers have made the switch from 12ft to 14ft+ and all the extra headers have been scrapped.

  3. Oh heck, I'll come cut it for you with my new mower. But, you have to buy lunch!