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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good News / Bad News

Yes, the good news is I found the jackall that I lost off the back of the tractor last fall. It was pretty much buried in the mud underneath the old rotting balestack I had been clearing up with tractor and blade.
Bad news.....as the photo shows, apparently I drove over it or something as it was severely bent sideways making it appear like scrap iron. But good news, I was able to straighten the beam and the handle (which broke and I had to weld) so I think it will be almost as good as new.
Our spring weather is another good/bad news scenario. Its always nice to see spring but this is almost a month early following a dry (sort of) winter. If the dry warm trend continues into the growing season we could see very little crop production. All the fertilizer and pesticide in the world will not produce a crop without rain. And this wild wind the past couple of days puts me in mind of The Wind Our Enemy
Also, this Viterra Grain Company Buyout , is it a good/bad thing for farmers? The main thing is that the stocks will show a profit and share holders will stay happy. If it also happens to benefit the farmers, that is only incidental I think.


  1. Good work! I guess you had to heat it up. I was going to make a pun about "the day of the jackall" but my mind isn't working. I'll leave it for Budde.

  2. Good news/bad news - sounds like most of life.

  3. Muddy, The Jackall was Hyde-ing?

    Yeah, I thought it was lame too but it was the best I could muster. C'mon Budde!

  4. I don't use one of them things. I've heard it will make you go blind...

  5. Well that could explain my poor eyesight I guess. I have accumulated (and use) 3 of them here. I hear they are known as Handyman jacks by our neighbours to the south.
    Muddyvalley, no heat required, just hydraulic power and the same tractor that bent it made it straight again.

  6. I've got one of them. I used to carry one on the jeep in case I pinched the chainsaw in a log, but found out that a second chainsaw was much lighter & easier to use.