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Monday, October 15, 2012

Smoke and dust

Thats what I have been raising the past couple of days. Excellent weather, warm and sunny and no wind made it ideal to pile and burn the flax straw. The harrows worked better than I have ever seen (is it the dry ground?) at piling the straw and I got most of it burned as well. One less job to do next spring.
Half a load of hay bales still to haul home. A load of canola to move out of an old bin with a bad floor. (Don't want to feed those raccoons too well) Rocks to pick now that I have welded the broken hitch on the picker. Final clean up on the combines and get them parked in their winter quarters. That is a partial list and all I can think of this late at night.
Been listening to this sad story from B.C. on the radio while working and wondering if there really is much hope for the human race.


  1. It seems strange to me that seed is now why flax is raised, and not for fiber. It seems such a waste not to at least compost the straw somehow. As for the bullying, kids never used to kill themselves over such things in such numbers. I have to wonder if we, as a society, are turning out too many kids who simply can't cope with problems. Perhaps we need to strengthen the kids emotionally somehow.

  2. Gorges, you are right, a terrible waste of energy and adding to the carbon content of our air but burning the straw is the only option here. No straw processing facilities within a reasonable distance.
    On the bullying thing, today's difference is that it is inescapable thanks to the internet. The bad guys can follow you anywhere you go and there is no hope of escape. Once hope is gone the situation becomes intolerable.

  3. Your "Mindless Ramblings" are thoroughly interesting, and I have enjoyed reading about life on the farm.
    I'm a grandma in the deep south who lives just outside the city but was born in the country. It brings back good memories. ;)
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Ralph,
    There seems to be no final authority at school. The solution here is to call the police. I think thinks worked better when I was a kid. However, if you choose to interpret all effective discipline as abuse and never rationalize adversity into a "positive learning experience" then you somehow always end up being a victim. In my opinion.

    People around me who grew Flax have had a very difficult time dealing with the straw. It doesn't break down easily. I suppose that is why you are baling it!