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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Out In The Woods

Hoar frost always makes a good picture better. Even an ordinary background of evergreen trees look so impressive with all that frost on them. The old saying is that we will get snow or some kind of precipitation 90 days following the hoar frost and fog. Its a sure thing we will get more snow before then.
This picture is from today while out doing a little branch trimming with the "environmentally friendly saw". It uses no non-renewable resources, won't damage your hearing and not likely to kick back causing injury or death like a chain saw. Plus its more trouble to start up a cold, stubborn chain saw that probably has an empty fuel tank.
Not a whole lot happening on the farm at this time. Just keeping the cattle feeders filled with hay bales.
So many days of cloud and fog but for some reason last night's sky was incredibly clear. Stars so sharp and bright they actually had those five points like the ones in cartoons do. Not a breath of wind or a sound at something after midnight when I was out to feed the cats.


  1. I like hand tools myself. Just bought an old crosscut in great shape recently. It's a shame I'm not in equally great shape to use it!

  2. Regular use of that hand powered saw might be just the thing to keep us in shape.