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Monday, January 14, 2013

Just An Observation

This news story about a huge  snowball fight seemed a little ironic today. Here in Sask. every small town and city is spending a small fortune cleaning up and trucking the snow out of town off the streets. Meanwhile in Seattle they spent a lot of money trucking in some 162,000 pounds of snow to play with.
And what is with blogger lately? It won't let me upload a photo from my files. I have to link to a photo that is already on the net or in an online album of mine.


  1. I guess they may have made enough money on the event to pay for all that snow, Ralph, but as my wife says, "Think of all the hungry people that they could have fed with that." As for Blogger, it's nearly as undependable as Facebook.

  2. My daughter wants snow. Any change you could mail me some? I'd be happy to trade you International Truck parts in exchange.