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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sunshine and Wind

That is what we have had most of the week so I have been harvesting every day. Not a bad crop. Hottest day of the summer happened this week. Grain yield is good, quality fair. The wheat is terribly dusty and I am surprised my truck driver has not walked out on the job yet.  Fields not as bad for mud as 2010 but still interesting at times It is never good to see mud on the tires of a combine but that 1660 Case IH never fails to impress me just how much mud it will go through without getting stuck. Beaver dam(age) is incredible on one field with some crop flooded and inaccessible. I would sit there 24/7 with a shotgun to get rid of them if I had the time but obviously not possible.
No major breakdowns yet, except for the 300 dollar gear box on the grain auger last week. Obviously working  with a 26 year old combine and 43 year old grain truck it is only a matter of time til the next breakdown.
Cloud and damp this morning so it does not look good to get back in the field today.  I hope I am not sounding too negative and complaining but if you want a more positive and cheerful view you might like to check out The Lazy Farmer
Great fall scenery here this past week.


  1. Trappers are more than welcome to them Gorges. I don't think we have many trappers though.

  2. Yes, the view of Loon Creek makes the trip to SCE for parts more enjoyable.