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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Still of The Evening

Silent and still at sunset out at the beaver dam this evening. Hardly a breath of wind and the water still as glass reflects the poplars standing in it flooded by the beaver dam. Actually not that silent either. No noise but plenty of sound. Chorus of frogs, occasional ducks and blackbirds calling. Off in the distance cranes that have settled in the stubble field for the evening call to each other. The hunting Horned owls hooting intermittently as they fly on silent wings. Miles away the occasional distant boom of  a shotgun as land owners try to deal with the excess beaver population.


  1. Hope the guy is eating that beaver, but bet he isn't.

  2. Gorges I know its just mind over matter but I think I'd have to be nearly starving before I ate one of those critters.