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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rainy Day Jobs

Yes, it rained. At least two inches, maybe two and a half overnight and all this morning. And only a few days ago I complained about the heat, today it is barely 50 degrees and I need extra clothes to keep warm. Not quite ready to turn on the gas heater just yet.
Although weather statisticians are saying we have had the hottest July on record, I refuse to believe it.
A good day to keep busy on "rainy day jobs" that I don't always have time for when the weather is good. More peas and beans picked, cooked and thrown in the freezer today for the winter. Plenty more beans to pick in the garden and maybe I should. The weather guys say a risk of frost for tonight. Lots of partially ripened tomatoes out there too so maybe I'll pick a few of them.
The canola is all swathed and the rain soaked swaths should be well anchored against the high winds we are getting.
I even managed to get in a few minutes here and there to work on the "rusty car project". New water pumps for the 52 Mercury so it will hold coolant and not leak it all out around the shafts.
Trying to stay current on youtube so here is a new "how to" video I just edited on the water pump job.
Here is a scene from canola swathing a couple of days ago. I posted this one on the Saskatchewan Scenery page of facebook which is a really busy page. So far they haven't booted me off the page for my photos, which often feature more old iron than scenery. :-)


  1. I thought I was on the same FB page but haven't seen any of your pics, Ralph! Maybe it's a different one I'm on.
    There are many gorgeous scenery pics on the FB page but I don't trust that half of them aren't photoshopped, and that negates much of my pleasure. If a scene REALLY looks like that, wow! but if it's been photoshopped to enhance the colours, then MEH. Not nearly so impressive.

    Thanks for the headsup on the frost warning. I have a few young plants I'll bring in overnight.

  2. I used to enjoy the occasional rainy day.

  3. Agreed Kate. Those FB pics (some of them) had to have a little help to look that impressive. I have never seen skies like some of them show and I have lived here all my life.
    Gorges, I don't mind a rainy day either. There was a time I could lie back, read, relax, sleep for at least part of a rainy day. Now it seems I am too busy.