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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

While The Sun Shines

An old expression of my dad's, "you've got to make hay while the sun shines" often comes to mind. Like today swathing wheat, making good time taking advantage of the nice sunny day. Unfortunately it did not last and clouds rolled in from the West by the time I finished.
No rain yet but there is a chance of showers predicted.

I took the opportunity to roll up a few oat hay bales since it was sundown and not worth heading out to another field with the swather. I baled the outside rounds around the beaver infested part of the field where they have been raiding the oat crop carrying bundles of oats off into the water to do what I don't know. Were there but world enough and time I would make a lot of them disappear.
Impressive sunset that looked a lot better than this poor photo I took of it through the tractor window as I was baling.

Canola harvest is complete as of yesterday. Good yield and all dry. No major breakdowns although I did have to replace a worn out shaker arm bushing.

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