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Friday, April 7, 2017

Big Tree Down

Like losing an old friend or putting a beloved pet to sleep. I hated to cut down this big old spruce tree my dad planted well over 30 years ago. But I'd been thinking for a while now that it needed to go. So close to the house that the branches were nearly touching. Plus the risk that the roots would grow into the cement walls of the cistern and cause it to leak water. And if the high winds were to blow that tree down on the house it would do some serious damage. So I went to work with the Massey as an anchor and the Poulan saw this afternoon and it was surprisingly easy. It came down exactly where I planned it and without damaging anything. A rough measurement I figured 40 feet tall. It was a heavy load but the old Massey pulled it away even across the still wet fields.
I'm not sure why I left a six foot high stump but I can always cut it down to ground level later. Not sure either what I will do with the tree but if nothing else, there is a whole lot of firewood in that trunk.


  1. Make or buy you an Alaskan mill and make some lumber. Down here, the rich folks hire chainsaw carvers to make artwork from high stumps.

    1. Its an interesting idea but there is generally not enough timber in the area to justify a mill. A little further North there used to be.A lot of the lumber in this barn was milled from poplar trees.

  2. Nice lumberjacking. Kinda like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJXPXTaVlMY

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