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Thursday, May 18, 2017


I guess its not unusual for us to get frost overnight in May and we had it last night. Ice in the cattle trough and cat dish this morning. Lucky I have no crop up to damage yet. There is talk in some areas that emerged canola suffered some damage from frost. It takes time to show.Re-seeding might happen for some.
Got in a good day of seeding wheat here (my first) after getting a couple of hundred  acres of canola planted. We are seeing a little dust behind the air seeder which is something we have not had a lot of in the past wet (mud) years.  That canola in  the dust will need a little rain shower to help it germinate. It might happen on the weekend.
I had a little help  in the field today
Mary running the 2090 and harrow packer.
While I seeded wheat on canola stubble. Good looking sunset. Should be a nice day tomorrow.


  1. Is that the royal "we," Ralph, or do you have a wife you haven't been telling us about? Who is this Mary of whom you speak? Oh you are a cryptic one, mister. -Kate

    1. Yes, I don't give too much information away. Usually its just me out there but my sister in law helps out when the pressure is on to get the job done. And a fine tractor driver she is. (Trucks too).

  2. Replies
    1. No fish here, just frogs and ducks and assorted water fowl. Beaver pests too.


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