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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Carbon Tax

I probably should not even comment on the carbon tax that will eventually be imposed on us in spite of our premier refusing to sign on. But CBC keeps bringing on the experts telling us how beneficial it is going to be for us. Apparently all the money we pay as a carbon tax will be given back to us in some other yet to be defined form.
They are talking a tax of $20 a ton for now and increasing to $50 a ton by 2022. First of all how do you measure a ton of carbon? How do I know when I have produced a ton of carbon to be taxed on? How do I slow down my production of carbon and thereby save myself money? Stop driving? Stop farming my land thereby reducing fuel and tax? There are way more questions than answers so far.
If they really want to sell us on this wonderful new tax that is going to save the planet, they need to give us a little more information. At this point it sounds like more smoke and mirrors designed to squeeze more tax dollars out of us.
I guess I am part of the problem. Now I have to get back to work producing more carbon as I feed my cattle.


  1. Yeah, you'll get back pennies on the dollar while they keep the bulk for "administration."

  2. They are threatening us here as well. But I have a no-till drill. Perhaps I will get a rebate for all the thousands of acres i have planted.

    1. Good luck with that Bud. I'm still waiting for the day they start paying us for all the carbon sequestering we are contributing by keeping plenty of trees and bush land.