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Monday, July 9, 2018

So Close But So Far

I guess I should look on the bright side and be thankful I didn't get soaked riding home on the open tractor. It was threatening thunder storms most of the afternoon while I was raking hay but I figured why wait. I've done that before and nothing happened. There were empty grain bins I could go inside if it did start to rain heavy so I kept on til the job was done. And it didn't rain.
I even dared hope I might make it home, hitch up to the baler and come back to bale the hay. It wouldn't take long. Hay looks nice and green having had no rain at all on it.
But I guess not. I had barely parked the Massey in the quonset and I was hearing raindrops on the metal roof. It didn't amount to much but it might not be over yet. And I guess I'm done as far as baling for today. Once again I'm a day late. If it rains much I can use the time to work on repairing a major breakdown on the haybine. Just one big bearing destroyed  but a big job to take apart just to see if the roller shaft is ruined or not. If so, maybe its time to part it out and look for a replacement. This cattle hobby is getting expensive.


  1. If it ain't one thing it's another!

  2. Hot summer weather water doesn't stay around long. At 95 degrees here I cut on Saturday and baled early afternoon Monday. Small sprinkle Sunday evening.

    1. This hay was cut Saturday afternoon and raked today (Monday) If I'd started this morning I think I would have had time to bale before it rained. Not much rain and if the sun shines tomorrow I should be able to work.