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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It Rains And It Pours

Made me think of the old saying, "It never rains, but it pours". Lately it rains and it pours. Yesterday was the latest and the heaviest. Rain came down so hard and with the wind blowing it horizontal I don't think my guage caught all of it. Showed almost 4 inches (or 98 mm for you metrics folks). And that was in a little over half an hour.
I was stranded in the big metal shed and the noise was almost deafening. The odd small hailstone hit but nothing major. What damage I saw after the storm was more from wind than hail. The wind literally broke stems on many plants including canola and potatoes. A rough total for the past three weeks is 13 inches on this farm .. Now I am, as my English acquaintances might say, "an old git" but I can't remember having that much rain in that short time ever. We seem to have higher humidity and more rain than years ago.
Stay tuned for the video on youtube. I shot some while looking out the doors of the shed. Some more on the trike while touring the fields after it cleared. Literally water everywhere with ditches and culverts running like spring thaw.
I planned to go for a drive today and check the other fields but one job led to another and I still have not got out of the yard all day. Maybe I am stalling, afraid of what I might find?
At the height of the storm the rain looked like blowing snow. Yes, my cistern ran over a little into the basement so the floor got an unplanned wash. No doubt it needed it.

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  1. Sounds pretty bad. I hope the crops can recover.