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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Old Trucks And Rain

The 1971 International as seen through the windshield of the 1956 one day this past week when I was "moving machinery". Views like this make me think of Kodachrome, makes you think all the worlds a sunny day
But mostly it has been violent thunderstorms. Rain and more rain. I think I am up to just over 15 inches for the past month not counting this morning's rain. Between rains I have been able to get a few jobs done while waiting for things to dry up so I can either spray chem fallow or cut some more hay. Hopefully the hay I have already cut and baled will survive the soaking rains without molding.
Chem fallow on a few fields might not have been a good idea but who knew we were going to get all this rain? I might be able to pull the sprayer through the water patches with the big tractor but I will leave ruts that render it hopeless to do another pass in August. Hopefully by then it might have dried up enough to try some tillage. I guess on the positive side, the weeds growing there now will help use some of the excess moisture from all this rain.
Crops that haven't been hailed or flattened by heavy rain and wind are looking excellent. Those potatos I planted in the snow April 25 are producing pretty good already. And I blame Dan Quayle for the fact that I usually mis-spell "potato". :-)
And here is yet another of my antique tractor and old IH truck videos  for those that just can't get enough of that kind of stuff.

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