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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Crop / Big Problems

It seems the wonderful big crops we grew in 2013 are not going to be a good thing in the new year. Grain movement seems to have ground to a halt as the railways apparently make more money moving oil and potash than they do moving grain to the ports. I heard this morning that there are something like 40 grain vessels waiting on the west coast for grain that just isn't there. And of course the meter is running all the while those boats wait. And guess who pays? The good grain prices at harvest time have taken a real nose dive with little or no hope of improving.
Getting rid of the terrible and oppressive Canadian Wheat Board last year was the answer to many farmer's prayers but all that marketing freedom is not going to help us much if the railways can't move the grain . It will be a good year for new grain bin sales as farmers will need extra grain storage space while last year's grain sits and waits. Maybe the market is telling us to not grow more grain this year. Spending big bucks on more fertilizer and herbicide to grow a bumper crop does not look too attractive. There is even talk of , heaven forbid, summerfallow which is a bad word to the average modern, efficient farmer. It just reflects the depth of discontent that is out here in farming country right now.
Even Kevin Hursh is not too optimistic.
I think I will bet on cultivator shovels and glyphosate for this coming growing season. At least for a good percentage of my acres.

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