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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Little Diesel Smoke

Although I was not able to raise as much smoke as BuddeShepherd did with his Minneapolis Moline, I did see a puff or two out of the Super 90 Massey today. Not enough to smoke out even a few rats though. It seems that air is in the fuel injection system and so far has evaded my best efforts to bleed it out. So far I have put more diesel fuel on the floor of the shop than into the combustion chambers of the engine. Even though  I had that engine warm to the touch using the block heater. Yes , it is still winter here even though it is March 29 and this engine has never been a good starter at less than 40 degrees without pre-heating. No luck today though. It ran for a few seconds and that was all.  I suspect I have an air leak in the makeshift fuel line and tank I have rigged up for the inaugural test run.
Having better luck with the cattle though. The latest calf , now 11 days old, is looking good. In this picture from today, he has just come into the barn with the cow for the evening and laid down to relax after a day playing outside with the others.


  1. It took me a long time to bleed the G1355. Has a Roosamaster which isn't terrible. Just crack the injectors and crank, and crank...
    The Massy would have a Perkins I suppose and so that would be a CAV or Bosch which it a pain in the rear to bleed if I remember correctly.
    I resorted to pressurizing the diesel tank to get fuel to the pump but it still took a while. Good luck.
    Sometimes I think I should have stuck with raising cows.

  2. They seem really happy at your house

  3. Its CAV alright. A real learning process. Worst of it is when I do finally get it running, warmed up, head bolts re-torqued, I will have to go through the whole process again after I put the original fuel tank in place. A fuel tank on top of the engine was not their greatest idea.