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Friday, March 7, 2014

How Bad Is It?

Ok , I will be lazy today and just post the link to this article with some interesting comments on how much better off we are now that the Canadian Wheat Board does not control our grain sales. (Note, sarcasm intended).  Apparently "marketing freedom" now allows us serfs to keep 40 percent of the value of the grain we grow. In the middle ages the serfs were allowed to keep at least 75 percent of their crops. Of course they likely didn't grow the impressive yields we did last year but that only makes it harder to take. Best crops in decades and it is being stolen from us.



  1. Ralph, you remember the NFO? I realize that was a USA thing but it is worth reading about. That was a crash and burn!
    I'm a bit frustrated myself, but then I suppose you know that from reading my blog.

  2. Eventually they plan on owning your land, too.

  3. Budde, I had not heard of the NFO but on searching I learned a little. Our Canadian Wheat Board was a government backed agency that guaranteed us a price and delivery. That has been eliminated now in the name of efficiency and better prices?
    Gorges, I think you are right. Hopefully not in my lifetime though.