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Monday, June 30, 2014


That is the word I have used the most this past while. Although I usually add  "unf======ing believable" lately every time I go out and check on the latest rain and water damage. I empty the rain gauge every morning and try to record it as there is no way I will remember it. Just one day after another of rain and they all blend into a blur.  I am getting away easy compared to some. My house is relatively dry unlike those in town who are spending most of their time moving stuff out of their basements and pumping water.
High water in Sask.
My driveway was still passable last night with both culverts running full capacity but half a mile north or south and the main roads are under running water so I won't know if they are still passable until I get out on the atv to check. Even the highway to the east has water running over it although no damage yet.
Crop damage is inevitable and has sort of taken a back seat now as we look at the more immediate concerns.
Crop spraying for weeds? I won't even take a guess when (if) that will even happen now. Those last fields may have to grow "organic" in the parts that survive the flooding. Luckily I am not locked into any contracts for this year's crops. It will be enough of a challenge just to fill the delivery contracts for last year's grain assuming it stores safe in the bins with all this rain. Trucking has been an issue all spring and I keep thinking the roads will improve as spring turns to summer. In fact things have gone downhill there too.
It is making snow, cold weather and frozen ground look rather attractive right now.
Yes, I did move that water pump.


  1. California's in a drought, you are being flooded, and we here in Or. in the Willamette Valley are in the middle. It rained just enough last week to ruin Budde's hay but not enough to get the soil wet. Tomorrow will reach 97*F. I hope the rain ends up there for you.

  2. MV, I can't remember the last time I saw 97 degrees. It might have been 1988. Right now I am cold from riding the trike in mist at 60 something degrees.