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Friday, August 22, 2014

Roosty6 Restorations

No, I am not trying for a spot on the history channel's latest monster garage or rods-n-wheels type shows. Although the finished video might just look like that is my intention. It started out a few days ago as just a quick clean up of the old 39 Deluxe for a prop in an upcoming family photo shoot. I thought the multi color paint patches I had applied over the years looked a little shabby so why not spray a little tremclad black paint on the front fenders. Of course that meant I would need to sand the surfaces to do even a half decent paint job. I got a little carried away and ended up sanding the whole car as I kept finding little rust spots. Naturally the front wheels needed to come off so I could do a proper job of the fender edges and wheel wells. Gee , those wheels are a little rusty and dirty looking, maybe sandblast them and spray a little paint on them too. Is that a missing clip on the chrome trim? Time to check out the 38 parts car for a replacement. You can probably guess that this ended up with a complete paint job from bumper to bumper.
The actual painting does not take long, it is the preparation, the sanding, masking etc. that takes the time. Can it really be 43 years since I last painted this car?? I'd say I got pretty good mileage out of that quart of hardware store black enamel. I won't be around to do the next paint job in another 43 years.
Stay tuned for the video.