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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Swathing, starting cars and stuck in the mud

Almost all that in one day. The car starting was actually yesterday. Today was just more swathing canola and wasting an hour maybe getting stuck , walking home for the tractor and then pulling the swather out. That five inch rain on the weekend put some water in the low spots and it can't be seen through the green growth until I'm in it. Sure glad my favourite mechanic got the AC working in the swather yesterday. I'd have likely died in there today in the heat and humidity. Especially after the adventure of getting out of the mud. The canola is not great, lots of disease (sclerotinia)? Plus some drowned out patches that are weeds.

In other news, the 39 Ford runs!! It took a pull with the tractor and a little shining up the ignition points (remember those?). The borrowed six volt battery is pretty weak and several valves are sticking in the engine. The old flathead V8 misses a little but at least it was able to be driven back into the shed under it's own power. Carefully with no brakes.


  1. Swathing, Starting cars, stuck in the mud? Now those are topics I am quite familiar with.
    A/C in a swather is essential. Otherwise it is a sauna!

  2. Really nice car! Keep it out of the Mud. :-)

  3. Don't worry , this old 39 won't be seeing any mud, snow or rain. It has had enough of that in the past.