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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Coast to Coast

This late night radio show is usually pretty entertaining although there are some strange stories some nights. Last night's was just annoying. More mis-information about GMO crops. This guy loses all credibility with me when he comes out with some clearly wrong information, News flash: we have been spraying our crops with 2-4D herbicide (not a monsanto product) for at least 60 years to control weeds. Long before the term "GMO" was even heard of. And that whole terminator gene story has been around for so long that I thought everybody knew it was false. Monsanto is not the great evil. It is a company out to make money by selling their crop engineering technology to us, I don't think they want to take over the world or control your thoughts. We grow their crops because up to this point it has made sense economically.


  1. Ralph, Im think that Monsanto IS a great evil, in the sense that their greed has overcome their morals. That's true of many companies and individuals, however. As for people getting the facts wrong, that's easy to de when neither side tells the whole truth. Of course some people choose to lie outright. The person in question may be one of them.

  2. Gorges, I could go on at great length about how Monsanto is pretty far down on the list of things we have to complain about. But it would be longer than my average blog post if I started on how badly we are being screwed out of what little profit this farming business allows us. Every year we grumble as we pay Monsanto's tech fee on every acre planted to their crops and then we move on to bigger problems.

  3. Monsanto is doing what corporations do. Trying to monopolize a market and eliminate competition. I suspect the anti-GMO fears are fueled by someone else trying to secure market share.
    I don't like Monsanto and I hate the technology fee and I want a choice of seeds to buy but that is just the way it goes.