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Sunday, January 18, 2015

                                 Martyr's Memorial Cottages
                Tolpuddle near Dorchester
                                                 May 1938
Dear Sister and all:
Thank you so much for your welcome kind letter . I hope this will find you all better
I think this last winter has been very trying. It has been so hot and dry but we have
some rain lately and more to come they say.  I have not been outside but once since
February but I am a little stronger now. Frank planted the allotment and garden before
he away. Spuds just up so they tell me.
Lottie said she is coming for a night in about another fortnight's time.. She wants to be
home as they have some fruit coming  and she wants her black currants. They don't plant
many spuds, only green stuff. But there will be enough for Lottie.
Allie has got to change house again in August. They were to have some ground on the farmj
where the boy is working but it wasn't ploughed up last week. Allie and the two little ones
came here last Saturday. The children are looking well and Mrs. Mc------- that lives next door
thought Allie was looking better. Had put on flesh since she saw her last. She has a lot of worry but now Linda is out of hospital and had three weeks in Dorchester with her father's cousin, she and her husband.  He would go to see Linda sometimes in the hospital and she did the washing for Linda. She and Linda came out here one day. She is at Westham, Weymouth now for a few weeks and then coming here as she is not fit fow work yet. I shall be glad to have her here for company. It is very lonely here although the people are very kind to look in . One woman comes in to sleep with me until someone comes here.  But you don't want to worry about me, I can manage well as things are. Will you tell the others not to worry about me.  If I can I shall write to Tom and Mary in a day or two. I wish Alf had married to have had someone for company and he might have had children to help him now. One of Tom's boys, a white haired one, when he was a toddler said he was going to look after Uncle Alf and help him. I hope he do.
Has Alf had what he thought was oil tested yet? If it is any good he might sell it and have enough to live without any more work for the rest of his life.
Lottie posted his books before she went away. C/O Mrs. T. Goff. Hope he got them alright. And a bunch of newspapers. I will send you some but I have to depend on someone to post for me now. Will write again soon. Love to all . Hope you will all have better crops.
Your loving sister    S. Bishop


  1. Lot of troubles there. I seem to remember a line from the Bible, I think, that says "Man's days are few, and full of woe." I guess that's why we should enjoy the good ones when they come. There will be plenty of the other kind.

  2. Sometimes its all in a person's point of view, how they comment on the events of their lives.

  3. Hi Ralph,
    I am trying to track down a post I saw on Ancestry.ca regarding the Fort San Sanatorium. Are you "that" Ralph Goff?
    If so, can you please contact me at laura.patko@gmail.com? Thanks!
    I enjoyed reading your blog posts and seeing the old photos!