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Friday, February 20, 2015

Early Start

Its not hard to get up before the sun in winter time in Sask. but today I was on the road long before sunrise, if in fact we could have seen the sun rise. It was snowing and blowing some and did not look too favourable for the job ahead but after numerous cancellations due to weather it finally got done today. Two semis of canola headed down the road by 11:30 am .
We are a little below normal snowfall but you would never know it by the amount I had to push to get to the bins at the "hundred acre woods". A good two hours of blading and piling. Numerous trips back and forth down the winding trail through the woods to make it wide enough for long trucks and trailers to get through. A bigger blade would make the job go faster but then I would also need a bigger tractor behind it.
Comfortable working at these warm temps (in the +20s).
Heres a shot of the last truck headed out in the distance while I wait to cross the highway with the grain vac.


  1. Sounds like you were warmer than us today. I never saw the the thermometer go above 18.

  2. It was actually too warm and I was over dressed for the job but things change quickly. Temp dropping and high wind chill factor forecasted for tomorrow.