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Friday, February 27, 2015

Repeat After Me

There is no GMO wheat !  At least none is grown commercially.
I am sick of reading mis-information every day spread by people who base their opinions more on a belief or a feeling, or hearsay, rather than fact. To blame their health problems or all the problems of the world on genetically (GMO) modified foods is just getting tiresome. I could just avoid reading or listening to it but in fact those misguided opinions carry a lot of weight with the public and influences their buying decisions to the point that apparently 56 percent of Canadians are cutting down on foods that contain wheat. Since I still depend a little on making a living growing wheat, this is not good news.
Maybe some day science and time will prove me wrong but I have yet to hear any concrete evidence that food containing GM products has harmed anyone's health.
Apparently GM varieties of wheat have been produced but not released for commercial production due to fears that the public would reject it. Probably a wise decision. Just google "triffid flax" to see how well that worked out.
There is talk of developing a GM variety of wheat that will be resistant to fusarium and other fungal diseases. If they can produce it with proof that there are no health risks to consumers, go right ahead Fusarium is decimating our wheat crops here to the point that it hardly pays to grow it anymore. Spray my wheat with a powerful fungicide to fight fusarium you say? Is that really any "healthier" for the end user than growing a variety that is genetically engineered to resist the disease?.
I am hoping to watch this program re: Wheat Belly  if I can handle it.


  1. Ralph, I don't trust the companies OR the do-gooders to tell the whole truth. That leaves the rest of us not knowing WHAT to believe, which is a lot of the problem.

  2. I watched the program tonight and it was very well done and informative. The problem is that celebrities and movie stars seem to carry a lot more weight influencing the public opinion than the actual scientists do with their facts.