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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Over 20,000 Views

I was surprised to see my 2013 hay cutting video has over 20,000 views as of today. Maybe I should monetize the videos and live off the proceeds of the ads on youtube?
It is interesting watching it now and seeing places I cut hay through in 2013 that are now under water deep enough to pretty much submerge the haybine. Wonder if we will ever get back to normal water levels here in Sask. ?


  1. You absolutely should monetize your videos. You never know what the world will find of interest; often it's the things we ourselves find commonplace. So even if it's $50 in your pocket someday, that's as good as being in someone else's. AMIRITE!

  2. If you can make any money that way, DO IT. Multiple streams of income is the way to security, they say.