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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Mercury in Winter

No doubt inquiring minds are wondering just how the rusty old 52 Merc is coming along. So I did a walk around video of it yesterday when I had it out for a winter drive. Just a short run up and down the driveway in the morning before the temperatures got high enough to make the ground wet. Those big old well worn Michelins on the back don't have much traction on the little bit of snow we have.
I cheat a little at starting and use 12 volts to the solenoid by passing the rest of the electrical system. The old six volt system is a little weak on a cold morning after it has sat for a week and the carburetor has drained. I need to work on that but am reluctant to start on it and maybe make it worse.
Anyway, it is light years ahead of where it was this time last year. Sitting out in the snow with a trash filled interior and a non running engine. It starts and drives and that straight piped flathead V8 exhaust sound is music to my ears.

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