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Monday, March 7, 2016

Breaking Records

Apparently a few high temperature records were broken this past Saturday in Sask.. +17C or so which is somewhere around 60 in "real Fahrenheit degrees". Of course it was not that hot right here but I think we were pushing the 50 mark. I heard talk of shorts, tank tops and flip flops from some but that is just crazy talk to this cold blooded person. Although I did take off my parka and worked outside in my coveralls quite comfortably.
Back to the parka for a short ride on the trike to check the fields. There is still enough snow to make it heavy going with the almost 30 year old worn out tires but I got where I was going.
I found there was still about a foot and a half of ice on the sloughs. It looks like a lake in the photo but there was only about 3 feet of water under the ice at that point. Those familiar with the area will recognize it as "the ravine" as named by the pioneer homesteader of that quarter.
It covers a few acres right now but in the driest year in recent history (1961) it dried up enough that my dad was able to seed oats and grow a heavy crop there.
Considering the dry trend we have seen here all winter with no change to that pattern in sight, maybe we are headed for a dry growing season here. It will be pretty ironic if we still have water in the sloughs while the crop on high ground shrivels and wilts in the dry weather.

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  1. LOL - I would think that you'd be out "catching some rays," Ralph!