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Friday, March 25, 2016

Maybe I Spend Too Much Time On Red Power

4 years and 503 pages ago I started contributing vintage farm machinery ad scans to a thread on the Red Power Forum never dreaming it was going to last this long. I thought I would run out of material and people would lose interest soon and we would all move on. But it has grown and somehow I keep coming up with more ad scans. I guess there was a reason I saved all those old magazines and advertising brochures over the years. Thanks to other contributors and interested onlookers there have been some interesting conversations and knowledge gained there.
Although Red Power is an International Harvester based page we do tend to drift off topic into various other makes of machinery and subjects but nobody complains.


  1. Nostalgia. We'd all like to go back to "the good ol' days."

  2. Any Minneapolis-Moline advertisements?

    1. Yes, MM had some of the best ads in the 1950s and I have scanned and posted quite a few. More to come.