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Saturday, March 30, 2013

40 Years of International

I'd been waiting for the day to do a photo shoot 40 years apart showing the old IH pickup in the same loctation as it was in 1973. Unfortuntely in 2013 the ground is still covered with snow that is only just beginning to melt. Spring  was a little further advanced in 1973.
That is actually my little brother in the original photo from 73 but since he was not available today I had to stand in for the photo.
The old truck still runs good. Brake pedal a little spongy but definitely stops when I want it too. The heater core is starting to drip anti freeze into the cab. The scene is a little reminiscent of Jed Clampett's truck with Granny's rocking chair up in the back but of course around here any empty space gets used for storage so the old IH has accumulated a lot of 'junk in the trunk" as it has sat in the shed over the years. Including the bench seat from a newer Chevy.
Stay tuned for the driving video. I've got a mountain of snow to move out of the yard as it starting to melt today and I want it out of here while the ground is still frozen.


  1. I had a '68 that looked just like that, color and all. Wish I had a new one just like it!

  2. You painted the shed! Must be an ambitious fella! Not a lazy farmer.

  3. Gorges, only way to get a new International is to build your own. Budde, sometimes I get carried away and actually do a little work. That is mostly painted sheet metal on the shed. That will eliminate the need to ever paint it again so you see I really am a lazy farmer.