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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bent Out Of Shape

No, not me, I am much the same as always. But my old reliable grain shovel as seen in this photo is badly bent backwards. Not that I use it a lot anymore but it has been on the farm longer than I have and has some sentimental value. I think I must have backed up against it with the tractor wheel while trying to maneuvre out of the doorway of the quonset. The doors are next to impossible to open due to freezing so I was trying to sneak out with just one door open. To move snow yet again.
That job never ends this "spring". I was lucky to get two semi loads of flax out yesterday while the road was still good. Flax is over $15 a bushel now which is a very good price. Hopefully I will have a little cash left over after I pay the crop share, trucking bill and this year's fertilizer bill.
Pre buying dry fertilizer is a bit of a gamble like most things in farming. The price is down right now so it is a good time to buy. It is a non-returnable product though so I have to hope that I will have enough acres that are not too flooded to plant this spring and use it all up. Its no fun carrying over a few tons of fertilizer to next season.
Delivery is going to be interesting. Trying to pull all the right strings so the road is not filled with snow/too soft from thawing when I get the semi to deliver. And hope the unloading auger does not break down during the unloading  process like last year.
Wild south east winds the past 24 hours have drifted snow everywhere. No point opening my driveway til the wind drops . More snow predicted for tonight so no rush. Maybe I'll head out to the workshop and try to straighten the poor old bent shovel. Turn up CBC radio and drown out the sound of the wind.


  1. I guess if you can't salvage the shovel, it deserves to be hung up in the barn and officially retired with honors.

  2. Always good to discover someone else who appreciates the fascinating programming of CBC Radio ....

  3. Yes, I certainly get my money's worth out of the good old CBC. Also pretty sure I can get that shovel back into shape with a little heat and hammering.