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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cockshutt 50 Running The IH Mill

If today was the first of March we would have to say that March came in like the proverbial lamb. Sure was a nice day in Sask. today. As usual, the lack of wind makes all the difference between a mediocre day and a really nice one. Today's quiet and sunshine might just be the calm before the storm if the forecast is right. Winter storm warnings for us tomorrow. I'd like to say that I picked the best day of the week for this job but it really just happened by luck. A few "not so nice" days this week and then I spent most of yesterday moving snow, digging wagons and grain augers out of the snowbanks in preparation for putting this load of oats through the old International hammer mill for cattle feed. It all worked amazingly well. The old Cockshutt 50 fired right up after a six month rest in the shed and ran pretty well. I got lucky with drive belt alignment and was able to run at capacity without the belt slipping off the pulley or needing frequent applications of belt dressing. There is still a rather serious oil leak at the front of the engine but it still had oil pressure at the end of the day . I guess I will find out just how bad the leak is next time I check the oil and decide if I need to pull the front cover and install a new gasket.

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