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Monday, March 23, 2015

Still Winter. First Calf

One third of my calf crop was born yesterday. In the relatively dry and clean cattle shelter for a change rather than out in the mud or snow. If I'd been smart I would have penned them in the shelter with the corral panels because by the next morning they were gone. The cow seemed to think her calf would be better off laying in the wet snow under the trees. It was way too far to carry back to the shelter by hand and I knew the old 2 wheel drive pickup would be seriously challenged by the new wet snow on top of the old hard snow so I headed out in the four wheel drive Blazer. 4 winter tires pulled through the snow just fine and I was able to drag the calf into the back without protest or incident. The cow eventually figured out where her calf had gone and turned up back at the shelter. With a little persuading she joined the calf in the penned area and was soon eating hay in relative contentment. With 15 cm (6 inches) of wet snow in the forecast for tomorrow they are far better off where they are.


  1. Cows have probably had most of their intelligence or "field smarts" bred out of them. Except maybe in India where they have figured out how to get the upper hand.

  2. Some say that such things make for weaker animals. Maybe so, but at what cost to the farmer?

    1. There is probably some truth to that Gorges. As in only the strong survive. But with beef on the hoof worth over $2 a pound we tend to work a little harder to make sure they survive.

  3. i've got plenty of hay. Could send you a truckload or three