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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Simplest Things

Sometimes what seems like a simple task can turn out to be near impossible. When I took on the project of getting the52 Merc running I had only faint hope that it would actually happen. But surprisingly it was easier than expected.
So today I take on the relatively simple task of tightening the fan belts which is so simple that monkeys from the zoo with a monkey wrench could do it and I failed.
I can get one belt tight but not two. Spent the whole morning just to get back to square one. Maybe I will consult the knowledgeable folks at the Ford Barn forum for some free advice. I'm sure I am missing something  obvious. It is not supposed to be this difficult.
Now I need to clean the blood stains off the fan and pulleys.


  1. Yes, Ralph, blood spatters are so....distateful. lol

  2. Not to worry Gorges. I think most of the blood went on the ground. I still haven't got both belts tight but I'm not giving up on it.