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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Way Up There

Recent changes to the rules for recreational drone users due to increased incidents of drone/airplane collisions. Or something like that. I guess it is no surprise that a few careless or irresponsible operators have caused problems and the rules had to be tightened up to affect us all. They say you can't fly within 9 km of an airport which is no problem for me being out in the middle of nowhere. I might see one plane a week fly over and usually well above drone flying altitude.
Rules also state we can't fly above 90 metres. (about 300 feet). I guess that is not a huge problem because for most photography that is more than high enough. But these things will actually fly up to over 2000 feet altitude so you might guess that some of us would have to test the limits.
And 245 feet is the limit to how close you can fly to a building. Again, it is good to live in the middle of nowhere.

In other news, its warming up and the snow is melting. One of these days I might actually have to start working again.


  1. I've never heard of a time you aren't active in SOME way. I assume you mean that you'll actually start SWEATING again.

    1. I guess I meant productive work that actually makes some money :-)