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Monday, September 30, 2019

Slight Harvest Delay

If I had actually got started harvesting this year this would be considered a delay. In reality it just pushes the start date further towards winter since I never got started yet. We got away lucky compared to SW Sask. where there are literally snow drifts and deep snow from what I hear. This snow can't make the grain any wetter as it was already thoroughly soaked but it will add a little water to the already dangerously muddy ground. Stuck combines and swathers will be the norm, unless the ground freezes up first! Grain quality suffers a little with every rain on ripe crop. At this point I wish I'd had 100% hail damage in that last big storm.
This morning's view out the window.


  1. Ralph, I keep remembering that song from Hee-Haw about luck.

    1. Its true Gorges although not as bad as I make it sound sometimes. Come Thanksgiving Day I'll still have a lot to be thankful for.