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Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Busy Week or Two

Last week, combining flax. This week cleaning up and burning the straw. The past couple of weeks has gone by in a blur. So much accomplished in less time than I expected. As usual the straw piling and burning takes as long or more than the harvest did. Scary burning it with the somewhat dry conditions and listening all day to the news of the wildfire in Fort Mac, Alberta. No fire bans here yet but it could be just a matter of time. Still got a half dozen or so straw piles to burn when the wind conditions are right. I don't want a fire getting away in the hundred acre woods.
Got the fields anhydroused and only got stuck in the mud once.

 Unhitched from the applicator today, then hitched up to the air seeder. Couple of trips to the cleaning plant for flax and oat seed in the old Loadstar truck.
Record breaking high temperatures here several days. I saw 84F one afternoon. Land of extremes. Could be freezing next week.


  1. I suppose there's too much volume to pile the straw somewhere and let it compost (nice word for ROT, lol).

    1. The stuff is nearly indestructible. I will be compost before the flax straw. I have a stack of bales I put up in the spring of 03. It has settled quite a bit but still mostly there.