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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Days Go By

Days go by so quickly now it seems. As I sit here catching up on email and eating a late (11:00) supper I guess it is not surprising that time passes quickly this time of year. It is almost a blur of activity and I will forget just what I did when if I don't at least make some note of it.
Second day back in the field after a break for rain last week. Planting wheat but finished the field and changed over to canola in late afternoon. I took this "seeding selfie" while standing on the tank watching the fertilizer fill up.

I edited the original in windows paint to be right side up but blogger does not recognize it. It is too late and I am too tired to investigate the alternatives to edit here. 
It got really quiet in the evening so when I shut down the air seeder I took the opportunity to burn the last of the flax straw piles. 
It produced much light and smoke and made for an interesting photo. 


  1. No kidding! I'm groundskeeping during the day and working on tractors/attempting to farm in the evening and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The days speed by. No time for Sunday motorcycle rides, listening to Tom T Hall, looking for lazy farmer cartoons, blogging...

    1. Yesterday at Church I noticed my friend kept falling asleep. When he told me the number of acres he was attempting to work this spring it made me tired. I guess that is farming.

  2. Just don't forget to sleep, Ralph; the body needs it!

    1. Very true Gorges. And I'll try to stop the tractor before sleeping :-)