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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sun, Rain, Cold, Breakdowns

The title summarizes my life lately but maybe a few more details. We went from Dante's inferno record breaking heat last week to furnace running , almost snow here in the past few days. The rain was welcome as long as it does not out stay it's welcome. Surface was getting a little dusty on top of the mud.
And there is talk of overnight frost later this week. Glad the expensive canola seed is still in the bag and not sprouting in the mud to be frozen.
I nearly finished my first field of wheat but a leaking steering hose sent me home just before the rain started. Hopefully the wheat will not be growing before I can get back and finish the field.
The steering hose has been made and awaits installation. But its raining again and the tractor is parked outside so.....
I guess I could take the opportunity to fill out the Statistics Canada census form that was mailed/delivered last week. No doubt I have complained before about their ridiculous timing. But the work schedule of a few remaining farmers are of little importance when the government decides it needs it's statistics now. When I am busy trying to plant a crop I really don't have any extra time to spare (waste) in this case. Unless I sacrifice sleep or eating and I feel they are a little more important.
buddeshepherd recommended I take the Mercury out for a spin to relieve stress. Unfortunately the tractor sits in the way waiting for me to fix it. Plus it is way too wet and muddy to take a rusty old car outdoors today. So here is some previously unseen video from back in April when conditions were nearly perfect. Blue sky and sunshine reflecting off the faded paint and rusty chrome.


  1. Sometimes, all we can do is dream of sunnier days.

  2. There has been considerable badmouthing of the government since it insists on having the farm census filled out:
    Why do they need all these details? It's none of their business! Who keeps all these figures in his head? How can this question be answered correctly? Who has time for this? The only ones who benefit are the chemical companies ... and so on.
    I just nod and commiserate, glad it's not me who has to fill it out.

    1. The whole statistics thing is just a big annoyance and I really question just how accurate their results are. Still working on mine here when time and patience permits.