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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Falling Rain

Another 3 quarter inch last night. Inch and a half last week. We are not short of rain and the timing was pretty good for the crops recently seeded. I got a couple of opportunities between too wet and too windy to spray a couple of tanks on chem fallow. Way late as usual but at least it is done. The flax field that did not get the burn off spray before emergence is looking weedy. I did not dare look too close as I was passing by but its going to be weedy. Have to rely on the post emergent spray now and hope the weather gives me a break to spray when the crop is ready.
The rain puts me in mind of this old "Song of The Lazy Farmer"  article from the Winnipeg Free Press.
The weekend was nice weather. I did a grass cutting marathon with the old John Deere and got the yard looking like somebody actually lives there again. So I had to take the Merc out for it's regular exercise and a picture or two. 

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