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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Slow and Slower

I should be, and had planned to be out planting wheat today but have had to lower my expectations. Going from maybe finishing the first field to more like, maybe starting the first field today. Just no end of little things keep coming up needing to be done before I can even get out of the yard. So what if I waste another half hour or so coming in the house to eat dinner for a change.
That relentless wild wind can drive you crazy. Dry surface dust blowing around the yard. Worst was all the maple tree fuzz and seed that blew into the truck box as I was loading wheat seed. Good recipe for plugged drill lines I think.
And the #@^& raccoons are driving me crazy each night tearing more shingles and siding off the old buildings trying to get inside. I had to waste half an hour this morning patching up a wall or they will be into my chicken house by morning. The only way I want to see these creatures again is in a live trap or over the barrel sight of the 12 gauge.
Finally might have the air seeder ready to go, except for the drive chain I seem to have lost and will have to make a new one.
Next calibrate seed and fertilizer.
Next, install the GPS antenna on the tractor so I can tell where I have seeded and not leave any misses.
Have I forgotten anything? I would almost guarantee I have . Guess I'll find out this afternoon.


  1. Raccoon's are really destructive; that's for sure.

  2. Perhaps you should go for a drive in the Mercury and unwind

    1. I would like that, its been too long. But the Magnum is parked in the driveway with a blown steering hose I have to fix first. And the Merc has been sitting up on a block for so long that I can't remember what I was fixing on it. On the bright side, its cold and raining this morning.