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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Making An Appearance

 Just to show I'm still alive as its been almost two months since I posted anything here. Just the usual stuff going on. The whole virus thing has not affected my life or work much at all. 

Harvest has been going on since Sept 9th in starts and stops. Typical weather gives us a day or two to work and then a rain shower shuts down harvest for a couple of days or more waiting to dry. As I'm doing today. I'm at about the two thirds complete point as of last night. I gave up about 11:00 pm with yet another plugged header auger from all the lumpy canola swaths I'm trying to feed through it. This is one variety I will try to avoid in future. My back is suffering from heaving on the big unplugging wrench so many times yesterday. 

Leaf colour are fantastic this fall. I managed to get out in the Merc for a long overdue drive and photo shoot of the fall scenery earlier this week when it was too damp to combine. 

Today I seized the opportunity to haul the first load of hay home from the East farm. With a five mile drive I try to get that job out of the way before real cold sets in.. Today was perfect. Lousy moose must have pushed one of the round bales almost into the creek and lost some of the twine. I might try and salvage it at a later date. I nearly hit a couple of moose the other night while crusing home in the Merc. Lucky the old six volt lights show far enough down the grid road to spot them in time. And good old shoe and drum brakes were well up to the task of a sudden slowdown. 

With my nephew's help we got the itchy oat field done last Friday. Nice crop but nobody wants to work with oats for more than a day due to the itchy dust.