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Friday, November 30, 2018

Some Frost Scenery Nov 30

I think this month of November will set a record for the least amount of sunshine in years. I was hoping for some sunshine and blue sky for some scenery pictures and video. All this fog and hoar frost makes for some great scenic shots but it is so much better if the sun comes out. The fog never cleared all day here. I got busy with the camera today and uploaded some video to youtube.

In other news, I installed some "atmosphere" in the shed beside the old Ford. It is a metal parts (P&D) cabinet, probably from the 1970s. I am storing it here for somebody and figured it might as well be up on the wall where it will add a little ambience from the old service station days. I'll likely fill it up with more junk.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

My psychological sickness

News flash. Apparently I have a psychological sickness. At least that term came up in a comment on an old tractor forum after I posted a link to a video I made of a walking tour through some of my old iron that has accumulated  over  the years. The majority liked the video just fine but one individual obviously has a whole different view of keeping anything old around. Apparently a "normal person" would scrap, burn, or bury anything old that is no longer producing a profit or serving a useful purpose.
Of course this is the land of the somewhat free and I guess as long as I am paying the taxes on the land I will populate it with whatever old iron strikes my fancy. In fact , I'm planning to add to it! Sick? Maybe. But I'm enjoying  it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hours and Hours

Uploading video to youtube. I think I am at 4 hours and still only 59% uploaded. No, its not a 6 hour mini series, just a 14 minute home video that should not take more than an hour normally. Its a fact of life that internet speed varies out here in the country. Depending on how many people are watching netflix I guess. Or maybe its a youtube problem. Anyway, I'm obviously multi tasking as I can't sit here for endless hours watching nothing happen. Stay tuned for a new Roosty 6 movie later today, maybe.
While waiting , this news item caught my attention. Guess the next time you see somebody out in the cold needing a warm up, better just leave them out in the cold.
The farm yard in the summer of 59.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fencing In November

No, not fencing with swords but pliers, crowbar and sledge hammer. With receding water levels some of the fence that runs through sloughs is starting to re-appear. Or rather, the lack of fence. It has mostly disappeared under the water and willow growth and its a bit of a miracle the cattle did not find their way out of the pasture . Pretty much impossible to get out there to rebuild until the water freezes over as it has now. I was able to chain saw the dead growth away, string out some "new" wire and punch holes in the ice for a few fence posts. Needs the extra long ones because there is still close to 3 feet of water under the ice in places so the posts don't stick up very far once I hammer them down with the big sledge.
That second  hand barbed wire was a bit of a nightmare to untangle and string out but I got it done. There was no wind and it was plenty warm working with temps in the high 30s but still better than summer when there are mosquitos, wood ticks and real hot weather to work in.
And in other news, there are changes coming to the hundred acre woods. I took a drive through there today to shoot some video of whats new there.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Remembrance Day 2018

 This was the hundredth anniversary of the end of the first World War. As is often the case, November 11th 2018 was a cold and winter like day. During today's service, at the eleventh hour, we rang the bell 11 times. This is the former Church bell from Lipton's St. Michael and all angels Anglican Church. The Church is long gone and the bell now stands on a new tower. The brass bell is inscribed and dedicated to the first world war soldiers. Dated 1919.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Early Start To Winter

We were lucky to get the brief window of Indian Summer in mid October to finish the harvest but now its November and more winter than summer. Cold winds and trying to snow make it miserable out there. Down in the teens for a day time high.
Grass froze off pretty bad in the pasture so the cattle are complaining as they always do this time of year. I took pity on them and put out the first hay bale of winter. Almost a month early compared to most years so its going to be a long winter of feeding til May. Once I start there is no stopping. Got a load of oats through the old hammer mill last week so they have plenty of oat chop to build up a little energy and insulation against the winter cold. I think cattle burn up a lot of their feed just keeping warm in this winter we get  here.
Field work is done. The ground has frozen. There might still be a field or two of unharvested crops around but they will likely wait til spring now.