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Monday, October 19, 2020

November In October

 Yes, its November weather in October here. Dressed up in full winter clothing every day and the furnace running to keep the house up in the high 60s comfort zone. We have had daytime "highs" in the high 20s this past week. Thats November temps and its mid October. No wonder they dropped that term "global warming" a while back as it is not very convincing in these conditions. 

No snow worth mentioning and the ground is mostly too dry to freeze. Great for harvest with no worries of getting stuck in the fields. Sloughs are either dry or lower than I've seen in years. Panic button has not been hit yet but there is concern for spring planting conditions if it stays this dry. 

But no use making too many long term plans as Covid might throw a monkey wrench in that. 

Hopefully we will get out Indegenous Summer weather in November but I'm not counting on it. 

Some video I shot here to preserve history. I watch this old barn lean and settle a little more each year and wonder how much longer it can stand. Poplar logs have done well to last 113 year without rotting away. On the bright side, I've still got the necessary tools to build a new one!