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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Grain Scoop

Some discussion came up after I posted a picture of the vintage grain scoop on facebook. Its an old rusty metal scoop that has been on this farm far longer than me. Likely one that my grandfather used to load grain into the wagon box to haul to town and sell at the elevator. It was about a 24 mile round trip with horses and one trip a day at around 65 bushels per load. 
The wooden handle was missing from this one. No surprise if it had worn out from use. The leading edge of the metal is worn thin and cracked from years of use on thousands of bushels of grain. I got creative and made a new handle out of an old broom stick just so it looks kind of original. I had to try it out so made a video along the way. You never know what people will find interesting. Or maybe boring.