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Sunday, January 30, 2022

A Few Rotten Apples

 Head of Canadian Military Condemns Anti-Vax Convoy Protesters ‘Dancing on Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ (pressprogress.ca)

As much as I am in favour of this "Freedom Rally" going on in Ottawa right now, this news item really turned enthusiasm down a lot. These protesters desecrating the tomb of the unknown soldier are not the kind of people I want representing me. The guy in that tomb likely died carrying a gun in the name of freedom in World War II. Unlike the loud mouthed knuckle dragger waving his arms dancing on the soldier's tomb. 

No doubt there are some opportunists that see the whole thing as a chance to go out and create mayhem on the streets in the name of freedom. There is even talk there are paid protesters put out there to make the whole thing look bad. Could be possible. Plenty of room for conspiracy theories here too. 

Grave Dancer

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Snow Trip Jan 4

Stormy day to go to town but I had not had my mail in over two weeks. Getting low on cat food too. I can survive on freezer beef and home grown potatoes for months but those cats won't live on the few mice that might wander into the barn. 
The weather had been so below normal that I kept putting off the trip waiting for a better day. It never came so I took a chance on today. Visibility was poor in blowing snow and the ground was the same colour as the sky. 

So now I am well stocked up on groceries and cat food for however long it is before the weather improves.